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Rising fuel costs got you worried? Not me.

So some analysts at the DOE fear gasoline prices may top $3 a gallon. Why am I not worried? Because, hear me out, this may have the potential to be a great thing for our nation. Rising fuel costs will force us to put more efforts into researching alternative energy methods for both personal and industrial use. This is the exact reason why we are so dependent on fossil fuels today. Around the 1880's (I can't remember the exact date, sorry) we were heavily dependent on whale oil for our primary source of energy. However, hunting severly reduced whale populations, thus causing a supply side shock in the oil market. This in turn caused the price of whale oil to skyrocket. It was this rising cost that helped prompt fossil fuel research.
I sincerely hope we have a new energy source by the end of the decade so that we as a nation can stand up and tell the Saudis to kiss our ass and fornicate themselves with a rusty nail. A new energy source would help us be more secure because we wouldn't have to rely on OPEC and other oil rich nations for such a vital commodity. The US makes up 4% of the worlds population but accounts for over 1/3 of worldwide consumption which is really spooky.
I got a funny e-mail at work this morning screaming and bitching about gasoline prices. It said we as consumers should ban together and not buy gas from Exxon Mobil. This, as the letter claimed, would force them to drop their prices in a competitive price war. Haha, hehe, hoho. This makes absolutely no sense as the biggest reason oil is rising is because of the increase in global demand. The Asian countries have emerged from the financial crisis with their economies booming. This global increase for oil has caused prices to skyrocket, not Exxon. If you really want to reduce prices, stop shopping at Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart and their huge imports from China has caused Red China's oil consumption to explode during the past decade. Let's stop shopping at a store that promotes an anti-Christian, anti-American Communist regime.
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Que Pasa?

If anyone reads this, sorry its been a while since I've posted it. But I could give a rat's ass about this LJ crap; I'm just bored to tears. 24 was awesome tonight-if you didn't catch it, I suggest you watch a repaet. It's breathtaking. Anyways, I can't raise Tiffy on the phone, so what the heck? Here I am.

I believe MLB should allow players to use steroids. I know a lot of fans think this takes away from the purity of the game and they have a valid argument. However, steroid usage provides me with great entertainment. Without steroids, how can a player blast 70+ HRs in a single season? It is comical to see Giambi nowadays. He's looks so tiny now.

I'm still dating Tiffy. We've been together over 8 months now. I hope she'll take me to see Episode 3.

The Saga is complete in 24 days!!!!
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(no subject)

Wow, it has been a while. For those of you who have been concerned, I am still alive and well. Life has been extraordinarily awesome lately. I love my girlfriend, who is the greatest woman any guy could ever ask for. We (well, I) have so much fun together and I always leave her looking forward to next time. In other news, Tiger is back on top of the golf world having won the Masters, and the Braves are first place in the NL East. Well, gotta run and watch the Bravos beat the hell out of Washington. Holla.

What if?

Tonight, while talking to Tiffany, she brought up an interesting point. What if I could go back to when we first met? What would I have done differently? To those of you who don't know the story, originally at COI she started dating one of my friends TJ. This was because I had a huge crush on her, but didn't show it b/c I'm a DA. Anyways, what would I change?

First of all, I would have asked her out A WHOLE LOT SOONER!!! Instead of waiting until she dated one of my friends, I would have asked her out that first day by looking deep into her eyes at the waterfront and asking her for dinner at a specific time (as opposed to "let's get together sometime"--geez, we're adults, not a bunch of pimply faced horny teens.) I definetly would have let on to her how I really felt a lot sooner. This is the girl of my dreams, someone who I had prayed for for so many years. I guess I was too stupid to realize it while it was staring at me so blatently.

Another what if? What if Kirby had never invited me to Scouts that Tuesday so many years ago. He definetly wouldn't be my best friend now, and I would have never worked at COI. If that had happened, I would have never met Tiffy. Strange how a random phone call years ago has had such an astromnomical affect on my life now.

Enough rambly-rant. Holla.
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Weekly (I guess) Update

Hello friends,

Well, it appears as if this will be a weekly update thing. First, let me fill you in on some details since we last chatted.

First of all, I finally went paddling again. This time, I took Tiffy's dad down the Tuckaseegee in NC. It was freaking cold! We saw icicles on the sides of rocks. I was a DA and hand-paddled the river. Tiffy's dad swam once when he boofed a rock. I told him to run the rapid river right, but i forgot to warn him about the rock. Oh well, at least he had a wetsuit.

That night, Tiffany and I went to see Beauty and the Beast on ice. It was pretty cool. They put on a show because there were people cutting flips and explosions! As neat as it was, it could not compare to my beloved hockey. But alas, since the damn union has prohibited this season, I guess figure skating is my new favorite ice sport. I hate all forms of unions. All they do is bully people into democratic leanings and interfere with business. Unions, what a waste!

I had the coolest and strangest dream last night all rolled into one. First of all, I dreamed Tif and I got married. It was so cool, b/c we were in her church and it was so realistic. The church in my dream was decorated just like hers. Anyways, after we were married, we went on our honeymoon to some hotel. We started kissing passionately, and we began to, you know, consumate the marriage. However, her parents came into the room and wanted coffee or something. At that time, the city commissioner called me because in addition to being Joshua Manning, super stud, I was Spiderman as well. Only instead of flying around like a monkey on crack, I was scared of heights. So this Spiderman had to take the city bus to the scene of crime.
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Thinking about my wonderful sweet girlfriend

For those of you who talk to me on a somewhat regular basis, you know that I'm always talking about Tiffany. Even if you've just met me and talked to me for the first time, you kow I have a girlfriend named Tiffany and that I'm truly madly deeply in love with her (and she's hot!) Anyways, I just got off the phone with her for the evening and I am just completely captivated by her. Tiffy is the absolute most amazing woman I have ever met! Not only is she a great girlfriend, she is my closest and best friend and I totally have so much respect for her. She's rocked my world in so many ways and I am so lucky to date her. Every morning I wake up smiling because I know at some point I'll either see/talk to her and let her know how much I love her!

This weekend, we hung out and tried line dancing. It totally sucked balls 'cause neither of us knew what we were doing. However, we will be returning on Wednesday night for lessons because it is free. Free is one of my favorite words. Economically speaking; however, nothing is free because there is always a cost associated with everything. While the cost might not be money, you do sacrifice the next best alternative to consume. For example, for line dancing lessons, I have to give up an hour or two of my time in which I could be doing work or some other alternative. So my true cost for Wed. night is the next best alternative in which I could substitute for line dancing. Holy moly, I love economics!

Tonight I told Tiffy that I wanted to go to RCIA (?) classes, which teach you about Catholicism. I was raised Baptist but lately I have been in dispute with my church and the Baptists in general. My main concern is that they do not seem willing to accept others that are different--such as rcial, social, or any other way that isn't "normal." I have been attending mass at St. Mary's in Greenville for a few months now and I absolutely LOVE it. I suggest each and every one of you try it because you can really feel the Holy Spirit move. So yeahs, hopefully soon I will be starting up those classes and learning some great new stuff.
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A thousand pardons...

For those of you who may be trying to read my journal on a regular basis, let me begin by extending to you my sincerest apologies. Lately, I have been spending most of my time with the most beautiful lady in the world--that's right, Tiffany. So many great and wonderful things have happened for us over the past few months. Man alive, I really love this girl.

Saturday night, we watched The Punisher movie, which absolutely kicks ass. The Punisher is so tough that he eats rocks and shits gunpowder. But anyways, we watched it in retaliation for Bridgett Jones Part 2, which to me sucked a 10 incher. Tiffy hated the movie, but it was OK. We drank Smirnoff malt drinks and Icehouse beer. After that, we slept together (literally, you perverts!) It was one of the most awesome things I've ever done. She fell asleep in my arms and stayed beside me all night. Wow, that was so cool!

Last nioght, I dreamed Tiffy was beside me again in my sleep. It was kind of sad because I woke up and kept feeling the bed for her, but she was nowhere to be found. Then I realized it was only a dream, so I got pissed off. Anyways, that was cool.

Gotta go and call Tiffy on the phone and aggrevate her a little bit. Holla.
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Why President Bush will receive my support Nov. 2

I identify myself more with the Democratic party, but George W. Bush will receive my support on Tuesday. The reason for this is that this is the most critical election we the American public have faced in many decades. I honestly believe that the outcome of this election will affect America for years to come.

Let's examine the issue of National Security. In a recent speech, John Kerry referred to terrorism as a "nuisance." This man wants to go find terrorists, arrest them, and try them in a court of law. CAN THIS MAN SHOW ANY MORE WEAKNESS? If Kerry wins, I can see Al-Jazeera showing Islamic terrorists in Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, etc. shooting their AKs in the air and then planning how to attack America. These terrorists are smart, well funded and have the resolve to kill as many Americans as possible. Pres. Bush, on the other hand, has proven himself worthy of being our Commander-in-Chief by pursuing Islamic terrorists and killing them before they can harm American civilians. How can an American president take an oath to defend the constitution of the United States when he wants to give up so much sovereignty to the UN?

Kerry is a liar and cannot take a stand on any issue. Something else that scares me is the fact that our Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, has been diagnosed with cancer and will soon be retiring. As many as four justices would be retiring over the next four years, since they are all aging. Kerry has made it a point that he would only appoint justices that support abortion. Folks, that ain't right!

I hope that each of you will cast your vote for W and help strengthen America. Get out there and vote!
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My wonderful, awesome girlfriend

Saturday night, I told Tiffany that I loved her for the first time. It was so magical! We were lying on my bed watching "Bridget Jones' Diary" (instead of Game 1 of the World Series; that's how much I love this gal) and she asks me if there was anything I felt in my heart towards her but didn't say. After gazing at each other for a while, she looked away. At that time, I leaned over and whispered in her ear "I love you." It was freakin' great!

Tiffany is such an integral part of my life. Though we have been dating for a relatively short while, I really feel that we connect on many deep levels. I cannot stop thinking about her, even when I'm at work and supposed to be thinking about that crap. For so long I prayed and asked God for a great girl like Tiffany. Let me be the first to tell you that God answers prayers, because Tiffy is proof of that.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog entry as much as I enjoyed writing it. I bid each of you farewell, Godspeed, and good luck in your future endeavors.